This event is a 3 hour workshop comprised of three 45 minute sessions focusing on constructing a supply/demand balance and forecast, process economics, and price forecasting methods for both, short term and long term periods. The supply/demand session is centered on building regional balances with multiple sources of production, net trade, implied demand, market demand, and future projects. The process economics session focuses on building a cash cost model for a typical facility in the refining and petrochemical industry. Price forecasting methods include using moving averages, spreads, forward curves, differentials, cost curves, regressions, and ranges. The AIA Analysis Workshop will be offered every March and open to the public, but AIA will also offer this workshop for specific organizations (companies, schools, and non-profits) during other periods throughout the year.  

Email us if your company would like AIA to present a private analyst/forecasting workshop for your employees. 

Below are photos taken and two of the many workshops AIA has presented. 

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